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DBZ Parody 2

2007-12-15 12:15:02 by dylanvdw

The 2nd DBZ Parody is under construction. We don't know how long it's gonna take. But it wont be that long:)

If you haven't seen our first parody. Please watch it:)


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2008-05-17 15:55:54

That was super funny... especially part with PC that humor always digs me :p


2008-05-17 16:16:00

In the words of Bulma :

"eeeeeoooooooOOOO. "

You should have her do that again in the next one again. :D ha ah. I love jokes making fun of strange voice acting. I thoroughly enjoyed this as I did the original when it came out. There is something about the way it's paced that cracks me up.

I'm also quite surprised Master Roshi's computer wasn't already flooded with porn.

Also you should tell them to suggest this in the DBZ collection. ;) Good job.